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Our handmade jewelry and leather goods are made by hand from all natural materials. As such they vary in their coloration and patterns. We believe this is what makes our products uniquely yours and in many cases one-of-a-kind. We strive for consistency in quality and color, but there will always be the unique and personal attributes in the pieces you acquire that will make them unique and very special to you.

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Brand’s History

It all started when I ordered a gorgeous leather business bag. I was excited. It was one of those amazing bags that would last forever, and I fully intended to give it to my son when I finished with it 50 years from now. It was indeed beautiful and well-built, but the one I ordered was simply too big and heavy for my purposes. So I sent it back. And I began to wonder…

What if I built my own bag to my specific specifications? The exact size and shape I need to hold my stuff?

Voyageur Leather was born.

Soon I was building my own wallets and belts, purses and bags for my wife, and leather jewelry. I sold a few things here and there, to friends and family and to a couple of local retail stores. I received tons of favorable feedback, but my exceptionally busy life didn’t allow me to really focus on Voyageur as much as I had wanted to.

Making leather bracelets led to making jewelry out of semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver. Because what boy doesn’t like rocks? I had wanted a rock polisher since I was kid, and now decades later I finally bought one and polished some rocks. Yes, it was a fun as I imagined it would be. So I added gemstone jewelry to the product lineup, mostly high quality gemstone bracelets for men.

Then I heard somewhere that women like jewelry too! So I added women’s leather, gemstone and pearl jewelry to the lineup, and now Voyageur Leather is a purveyor of high-quality leather goods and jewelry, all using the best materials we can find and striving to provide gorgeous, unique and heirloom-quality products at a fair price.

Finally I had to make Voyageur a priority or it just wasn’t going to happen. Early in 2018 I began with a plan in mind to launch in time for the 2018 Christmas season. I built a bunch of products, got the website ready to go, and here we are! Making high quality leather goods and jewelry and hopefully providing a little joy and happiness to our customers.

Thanks for stopping by! Please enjoy the website and let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you better.

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