Surfrider Beach Necklace


Leather bracelet with white freshwater pearls.


Pearls and leather are the essence of the Islands Collection. High quality leather cord with pearls and other interesting elements combine to create a look that is perfect for the beach, a cruise, a walk in the park, or a backyard barbecue. Or the symphony, depending how you dress it up!

The Surfrider Beach Necklace is named after the place where my wife and I were married – Surfrider Beach near Malibu, CA. It was a simple outdoor wedding under a huge sycamore tree, and this necklace is also a pure and simple design…one big freshwater pearl at the bottom, one at the closure.

The brown leather lace will darken naturally with time and wear, and should be treated with mink oil or Shea Butter occasionally to keep the leather supple and smooth.

Pearls average 10mm to 11mm wide and 12mm to 14mm long. Please keep in mind that in those items in the Islands Collection that use Baroque pearls, the nature of baroque pearls is that each one is unique and will certainly look a bit different than the photo. Their uniqueness is the charm and allure of baroque pearls and is what sets apart the Islands Collection from the crowd.


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