From Robots to Rocks

From Robots to  Rocks

My first job out of college was as a robotics engineer. And that was my career for decades. But then I bought a leather bag. A very nice one. And expensive.

Problem was it was just too big. I ordered the wrong bag for my purposes, and I returned it fully expecting to get one that better suited my needs. But I had a thought. Why not just build my own leather bag? Voyageur was born.

I decided early on that our products would be made very, very well. My background in engineering helps create products that will last a long time, and by choosing the best and most beautiful materials, the aesthetic value is guaranteed. But there was more…

I’ve loved rocks since I was a kid. I can’t count the number of rocks I’ve collected over the years. Many of them are not all that pretty. Their sentimental value is really what it’s all about. But there’s just something about, say, a beautiful polished agate. I had wanted a rock polisher since I was a kid, and just recently I finally got one. I and the kids are having a blast with it. But the stones…I’m drawn to the stones…

I had already been building leather jewelry, so I decided to start making men’s bracelets using only semi-precious gemstones and real sterling silver. That grew into a full product line of jewelry for men and women, using only real semi-precious stones, real pearls, leather, sterling silver and gold vermeil.

Voyageur is truly a labor of love. My wife and I wear the stuff we make. We really love it. We only make things that we would use ourselves. We don’t take shortcuts, there are no cheap components in our products, and they are all designed to last a very long time, and to look better with time.

From robots to rocks. What a journey. And it’s just beginning…thanks for joining us!

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