Brand History

Brand History

It all started when I ordered a gorgeous leather business bag. I was excited. It was one of those amazing bags would last forever, and I fully intended to give it to my son when I finished with it 50 years from now. It was indeed beautiful and well-built, but the one I ordered was simply too big and heavy for my purposes. So I sent it back. And I began to wonder…

What if I built my own bag to my specific specifications? The exact size and shape I need to hold my stuff?

Voyageur Leather was born.

I made my own bag, and experimented with a few prototypes. Pretty soon, people were commenting on my bags every time I traveled through an airport. I expanded my product line, started selling to friends and family, and Voyageur Leather took off.After a few years trying to figure out to turn it into a full-fledged business, we finally pulled the trigger. Here we are, creating the most beautiful leather goods and jewelry we can. We love the creative process, we love finding the best and most beautiful materials and components, and we love the way people feel when they own a Voyageur piece.

Thanks for joining us on the journey. Browse the various products and check back often since we’re coming with new amazing ideas all the time!

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