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Jewelry and leather products are all natural. As such, they will vary somewhat from the photos on these pages. This is exactly what makes them special and unique. We strive to provide the most beautiful, natural, and high quality products at a reasonable price, and you can be assured that these products will only become more beautiful and cherished as time passes.

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Brand’s History

It all started when I ordered a gorgeous leather business bag. I was excited. It was one of those amazing bags would last forever, and I fully intended to give it to my son when I finished with it 50 years from now. It was indeed beautiful and well-built, but the one I ordered was simply too big and heavy for my purposes. So I sent it back. And I began to wonder…

What if I built my own bag to my specific specifications? The exact size and shape I need to hold my stuff?

Voyageur Leather was born.

We sold some leather bags and other goods to a few stores and to many individuals, but I just couldn’t get the business off the ground due to my “day job.” I was exceptionally busy, but still longing to create beautiful leather goods for people who appreciated great quality and luxurious leather.

Because leather jewelry was a part of the business from very early on, I began making prototypes of jewelry that included leather and other things. Semi-precious stones and silver and gold were included in these “other things” and I began with jewelry for men. Soon I had made a bunch of bracelets, earrings and necklaces – for guys and gals – out of semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold vermeil, pearls, leather and other precious materials. I decided then that Voyageur Leather would expand to include many different types of amazing jewelry.

I finally arrived at the point in many a man’s life when change is not only necessary but also imminent. My wife and I decided to launch Voyageur properly, and we’re not looking back. Please peruse this website and take a look at the ever-growing family of fine leather goods and jewelry. We love this stuff, we wear it ourselves, and we want to provide you with the opportunity to wear or carry a small, beautiful piece of God’s creation.

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Singular & Personal

Our jewelry is made from semi-precious stones, pearls and leather. They are unique because the materials are natural and unique. There will be no other item exactly like yours, making it personal and one-of-a-kind. We want you to experience the beauty of unique, heirloom quality pieces that you can hand down for the next generation to enjoy and cherish.
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