What is good leather?

What is good leather?

Cheap leather barely passes for leather. A belt gets a scratch, or a wallet spends a few weeks in your pocket, and suddenly the gray mystery matter underneath the pretty exterior coloring is exposed.

At Voyageur, we don’t do that.

We use real leather. Full grain leather that’s been properly dyed. We edge dye our bags and belts. We build our products to last a long, long time and the leather itself will only get more beautiful as time passes.

The photo shows two wallets made from the same material. The only difference is that one has been used for a couple years. That’s it. This is veg-tan leather, which is prepared by a common leather processing method using vegetable materials. It is not dyed a particular color, so it tans in the sun like your own skin, and it can be made a bit darker and richer with occasional treatments of mink oil or neatsfoot oil.

We use lots of different types of leather, but they are all thick, luxurious, high quality leathers.

They will only improve with time.

Kind of like you.

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