Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Beautiful semi-precious gemstones. Sterling silver. Gold vermeil. All the best components designed to showcase their natural beauty.

And because gemstones are all natural, they have unique patterns and colors, even within the same piece of jewelry. This is a good thing. Natural stones are beloved for their beautiful natural designs, and we emphasize that here at Voyageur. In fact, we count on it.

We want gemstones that display the true range of beauty and pattern inherent in the stone. We want leather products that are one-of-a-kind. We like baroque and coin pearls that are lumpy, unique and beautiful. And, although we also use beautiful high quality smooth pearls, we try to emphasize their unique colors, sheen and beauty in the way we assemble individual pieces.

At Voyageur you won’t find exact duplicates of just a few classic designs. You’ll find classics for sure, like an elegant single-pearl pendant on a silver chain, but you’ll also find a wide variety of unique creations designed to catch your attention, and accompany you on your Voyage!

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